Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Animals Live In Group
1.       Why do some animals live in groups?
l  Some animals live in groups for protection
l  Some animals live in groups in order to search for food
2.       Some animals live together for protection
l  Fish swim together in schools to warn each other of approaching danger.
l  Baboons move together in a troop
l  Gazelles live together in a group called a harem
3.       Some animals live in specialized groups called colonies.
i)                     In a colony each animal has a specific job.
ii)                   Animals in a colony communicate in a unique way
iii)                 Bees live in a colony called a hive.
iv)                 A hive has one queen bee.
v)                  The worker bees search for pollen
vi)                 Honeybees communicate the location of food by doing a dance.

4.       What do you know about animal groups?
What do you call…
          a group of kangaroos?           
          a group of foxes?        
          a group of monkeys?

5.       What animals live in family groups?
          Animals that live in family groups are Lions, Dolphins, Orcas, Wolves, Buffalo, Elephants, Hyena, Primates, monkeys, most lemurs, apes (except orang-utans), wolves, dingoes, African wild dogs, lions, hyenas, most deer and antelope species, horses, rats, buffalo, bison, ants, bees, termites and numerous species of bird and fish.

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