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Plants Reproduce

Plants reproduce to ensure the survival of their species. They reproduce in many different ways.

1. Plants reproduce from seed.
    For example, a papaya plant.





The flowers will become fruits that contain seeds in them. When these seeds are planted, they will grow into seedlings and then into young plants.
Tomata, sun flower, balsam and shorea are reproduce from seeds.


                               sun flower     
                                  balsam plant


2. Some plants reprodece from spores. Ferns and mushrooms prodece millions of tiny spores. These spores can be easily carried away by the wind. They can grow into young plants under the right conditions.



When spores land on a moist place where there is food, they will germinate to produce a new plant.

                   bread with mould

3. Bryophyllum and begonia plants reproduce from leaves.



4. Tapioca, hibiscus and rose plants reproduce from stem cuttings.




5. Ginger, potato and onion plants reproduce from underground stems.




   On the surface of such underground stems, there are buds. Such buds can grow into new plants.The picture below shows the potato with buds.

potato with buds

6. Banana, pineapple and bamboo plants reproduce from sucker.

                                           banana tree  



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